Four Generals Brewing

The brewery that I was looking for when I accidentally found Dubtown Brewing was Four Generals Brewing. The brewery was only a couple blocks from Dubtown, but was clearly in a more local business community and should have the environment and prices to match. The taproom was small, but open to the street due to … Continue reading Four Generals Brewing


Dubtown Brewing

Traditionally I wait to give new breweries 6 months to figure out their recipes, taps, lines, service, etc before stopping in. Beer may only be made of 4 primary ingredients, but making the transition from home brewing or nano brewing to consistent commercial product takes time and skill. Occasionally, I stop in before that 6 … Continue reading Dubtown Brewing

Is organic growth an option for Kombucha?

I have written a couple of times about my partnership with Kombucha Town in Bellingham, Washington. I like their flavors, love their community feel, and appreciate their understanding of sustainability for choosing aluminum cans over glass. After discussing with Kombucha Town owner/operator Chris McCoy about the lack of credit opportunities for Kombucha compared to Beer, … Continue reading Is organic growth an option for Kombucha?

New Partnership – Staging & Design Network

Previously in my career, I worked in finance for a homebuilder. I saw first hand the lack of quality, variety, and availability of home furnishing for staging homes. I am excited to announce our partnership with Staging & Design Network to finance new inventory. I look forward to the new inventory expanding their product offerings … Continue reading New Partnership – Staging & Design Network

New Partnership – Hillside Grain

I am a vocal supporter of local farming, grain, and flour. I am proud to see Hillside Grain near its first milling run. I look forward to making the journey to Bellevue, Idaho to bake some bread and see the beauty of farm to flour. Cheers Entrepreneur in Residence Evan Turner