Black Fleet Brewing

I have been hearing about quite a bit of new brewery activity and brewery expansions happening in Tacoma, Washington and figured I ought to check it out. I drove to Sluggo Brewing near the Tacoma Dome and found no parking. Then continued toward Wingman Brewing a couple blocks away and found no parking outside of … Continue reading Black Fleet Brewing


Sidetrack Distillery

Occasionally, I miss a place in my backyard, whether due to hours, distribution, product skew, or location. Sidetrack fits 2/4 of those criterium, but I fixed that this last weekend. I was planning on checking out 4 Horseman Brewery, but it was either closed or gone, but I remembered that Sidetrack was near there and … Continue reading Sidetrack Distillery

Is organic growth an option for Kombucha?

I have written a couple of times about my partnership with Kombucha Town in Bellingham, Washington. I like their flavors, love their community feel, and appreciate their understanding of sustainability for choosing aluminum cans over glass. After discussing with Kombucha Town owner/operator Chris McCoy about the lack of credit opportunities for Kombucha compared to Beer, … Continue reading Is organic growth an option for Kombucha?

New Partnership – Staging & Design Network

Previously in my career, I worked in finance for a homebuilder. I saw first hand the lack of quality, variety, and availability of home furnishing for staging homes. I am excited to announce our partnership with Staging & Design Network to finance new inventory. I look forward to the new inventory expanding their product offerings … Continue reading New Partnership – Staging & Design Network